Faith in self precedes wealth—

Through inner peace comes abundance—let your subconscious mind lead you to succeed with help from Prince Mohan's Temple Of Money mental programing audio series.

Experience Abundance:

Connect with your creative power to achieve your true desires.


Create Wealth With
The Prince's Help

This 21 day program will train your super-powerful subconscious mind to work with the natural expansion of the universe. Through this collaboration with the Divine wealth is grown.


Build Your Dreams From Connected Thinking

Once you connect with the creative power within, anything becomes possible! Live your desires by lighting the fire of the creator energy inside of you and honoring your inner being.


Eliminate Limiting Habits & Beliefs

These audio training sessions directly target the limiting belief systems lurking in your mind to create new habits of thought by eliminating the negative thinking patterns.

Fountain of Energy

Turn your unconscious mind into a Fountain of Energy.

This downloadable audio sessions comes in MP3 format and utilizes deep-rooted technology to directly target your subconscious mind and send messages that bypass your conscious mind. These messages reach into the core of your unconscious mind where habits, behaviors, and limiting thoughts stem from. The depth of these messages on create instant and long lasting results.

This money attractor session was designed to reprogram your mind and belief systems in order to attract money into your life. Once your mind is reprogrammed to become a money attracting machine, you’ll attract such abundance into your world that you’ll wonder where these MP3s have been your whole life! Try it now for only $349.

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Speedy Success

This "Accelerated Success Conditioning Program" ensures timely progress.

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Convenient MP3s

These sessions are instantly downloadable for a more immediate impact.

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Brain Boost

Utilize the same thought processes of the world's most successful people.


Attract Wealth

Train your subconscious mind to access "the secret" law of attraction to draw money in.

Access the Foundation of True Success & Wealth

For the full the package, get it for a limited time for only $349

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