The guidelines presented in this page cover all copyright issues as and when they may arise due to an unlawful use of the content presented at the site. All unique content presented at the website including the product name ‘Temple of Money’ is under the eligible copyright protection according to US and/or foreign copyright laws. All materials available at the website including the unique content, audios, videos, images, banners, slogans, and logos come under the purview of applicable copyright protection laws.

The products package and the components therein are under the sole exclusive rights of ‘Temple of Money’ and are not available for unlicensed use by any other unsolicited parties. Any use of the product, or any of the included components, or the unique information presented at the site must not proceed without the adequate permission of the site administrator.

The site uses a series of images, logos, and videos. Some of the images are not copyrighted property of the website. They have been put up solely for engagement purpose. Temple of Money does not claim copyrights to the images of the products (like cars, real estate and others etc). The announcement here guides the purview of the website in attending any dispute arising over the use of images. The ‘money back guarantee’ logo used in the website is solely for marketing purpose and is a general logo templates used for website designing. Temple of Money does not claim copyrights to any general content or image that is also available elsewhere for promotion purposes.

However, Temple of Money holds exclusive copyright to the text, audio and video content presented at the site, including the transcription of the audio and video material in written text. Temple of Money has exclusive copyrights on the slogan ‘Temple of Money’ and prohibits anyone from using the audio and video for promotional, marketing, or personally profitable purposes. The applicable US and International copyright protection laws apply to all aspects of the audio, video and text content.

The user can access the audio, video and text transcripts for personal use but should refrain from:

(a) Resale or commercially use the copyrighted material without explicit written consent from Temple of Money,

(b) Distribution, public display, or public performance using the material without written consent from Temple of Money,

(c) Modify of alter any portion of the content for a financial use without written consent from Temple of Money,

(d) Use data minining, robots, or any other similar data collection protocols involving the audio and video,

(e) Download the site (except page caching) or use any other part of the website without written consent from Temple of Money

(f) Any other use of the materials besides the intended purpose outlined at the site

Temple of Money strictly prohibits any act of copyright infringement specified in the above points. The only way anyone can use the materials presented at the site is after receiving a written authorization from the website. Any unlawful use allows Temple of Money the authority to proceed with the procedure of terminating the license of the service using the copyrighted materials. Individuals infringing the copyrights may receive legal notices from Temple of Money. Any violation of the above stipulates may attract heavy fines and penalties in accordance with the applicable legal guidelines of relevant Copyright infringement and trade marking laws and regulations.

No term dictated in these guidelines must carry the implication of conferring a license without the explicit consent of the website. Anyone, individual or entity, must contact the site administrator in person to take the proceedings forward. The usage of user information is strictly under the purview of the conditions mentioned in the Disclaimer and the Terms and Conditions Page.  The website appreciates and recommends fair use of the resources presented at the site.