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Reprogram your mind by using “The Temple Of Money - Fountain of Energy” to bring more wealth into your life using powerful subconscious audio sessions developed by Prince Mohan

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His vision is that material success comes from a strong connection to the divine energy within. Without spiritualism, there can be no creation.

In 1970, he graduated with a Commerce (honors) degree from the prestigious Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC) at Delhi University.

In 1975, with his capital, and investment from friends, Mohan built his first business in industry in an underdeveloped area of India with very little infrastructure. Despite numerous pitfalls, Prince enjoyed the challenges and found that this environment was to become an important learning ground. It increased his connection to the energy of the universe, which became a constant encouragement throughout this time.

At the age of 25, he became the CEO for the next 15 years. Through his own abilities and strong faith, he was able to create an enterprise that generated employment opportunities and wealth in an impoverished community. However, the time spent building his business in a challenging environment strengthened his relationship with divine energy and grew his belief in himself. The many struggles of growing this company were not discouraging; he knew that there was a power in the universe that was constantly supporting him.

In 1987, he and the board made the difficult decision to close local operations. However, Mohan expanded his business interests to investment banking and corporate finance. He built relationships with influential members of government. He began to mentor other entrepreneurs and became an example of successful business leadership. Others in the community mimicked his success by following both his business sense and spiritual awakening, and he helped them build flourishing businesses of their own. 


Thoughts become Words, which become Actions, like ripples from a water droplet, your thoughts create energetic waves. THINK GOOD THOUGHTS "Water drops"

Prince discovered that his faith has an influence on his success.

He began to attend meditation retreats. He started to contribute to articles and blogs as he studied the relationship between spirituality and success. He became increasingly convinced that faith in the universe is faith in yourself, and faith in yourself was the most critical asset – more than experience or education – to accomplishing life goals, whether professional or personal.

His philosophy is wealth is accessible to all, but it requires a mindfulness and spirituality that creates space for the ambition and persistence needed to achieve life goalsYou must be dedicated to the process to change.

Prince interprets wealth as an expression of divine energy.

Just as God created an endless universe from nothing, one who has the desire and passion can build a dream from nothing. The success is always the result of collaboration with a divine energy, with which we are always connected. To increase productivity in the universe is to align with its natural expansion. But without spiritualism, material wealth is impossible to achieve.

An important way to connect to the universe is through meditation, one of the finest tools to channel divine energy. By being present in the moment, we are reminded that it is with us everywhere, and all the time.

Prince's vision is to connect with people across the world.

Prince’s passion is to spread the knowledge of what he has learned from his own struggles, and the awareness of divine energy that grew from them. He aims to connect with a community of more than one billion men and women around the world and help them recognize how to use the universal energy to grow their material success and increase their inner peace. Prince believes that wealth comes by training your subconscious to do things it hasn't done before.

There is abundance beyond imagination, when connected to the source energy of the universe with trust and faith.

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